Thursday 8 September 2016


Remember those really hot few days we had here in the middle of July, when it was just beautiful but the only really appropriate thing to do was to sit in the shade and read all day? Maybe go to the beach and swim. Definitely drink lots of iced drinks. Yeah, my parents decided on one of those days that we should go and walk up a really big hill out on the moors.

I mean, I did see a lot of sheep and horses, which always makes for a good day, but it was so hot that I finished my bottle of cucumber ice water way too early and didn't actually manage to make it to the top of the very big hill. Next time I will. Next time when it is not as hot as the sun and there are a few more clouds in the sky. Maybe. I'm still somewhat haunted by the hill at Tintagel.

Anyway, the view was pretty good.


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