Sunday 25 September 2016

A few of my favourite blogs.

I tend to fall in and out of love with blogs a little bit, both writing and reading, but I'm very much in love at the moment and while I am I thought now would be a great time to share just a few of the blogs that I am always in love with, no matter how I'm feeling about the rest of the blogging world.

Also, I am immediately seeing that the post dates in all of these screen shots are going to reveal how far in advance I'm writing posts at the moment but that is just how sure I am that I will still love all of these blogs weeks from now.

Rhianne's blog is dedicated to her film photography and her pictures always remind me why film is so magical. For the easily distracted... was 100% my motivation to pick up my 35mm camera again.

Recent post recs:
204-208 366 Project
194-198 366 Project
Day 145: Rabat and Mdina

Jillian has such a way with words, and her posts always feel like memories you're sharing with her rather than just reading about. It's a talent I wish I could learn!

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Cape Cod Year Four
Jillian Denning: By the Book

Olivia's photographs are out of this world. They're always so dreamy and beautiful and they totally make me want to up my photography game by about 1000%.

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While the World Speeds Up, I Slow Down
Chasing Stars | Night Sky Photography
A Castle by the Sea | Bridal Editorial at Caerhays Castle

Alex's blog is just gorgeous. On Serpentine Shores is one of those blogs whose posts I always leave for last when I'm catching up on my bloglovin' feed so that I can truly savour them.

Recent post recs:
De La Mer
Let's Get Lost
Freedom Fields

Jennie's posts are sometimes very short and sweet and sometimes long and deep but always, always beautiful.

Recent post recs:
I haven't ever been a small person.
Five for Friday
In This Moment

Beth's blog was, until recently, one of my favourite book blogs, but now she has started to branch out more into lifestyle posts so The Quiet People can be one of my favourite book blogs and one of my favourite lifestyle blogs. Neat.

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Last but by absolutely no means least is possibly my favourite blog of all at the moment. This is the other blog whose posts I always save until I can give them my full attention. When I'm reading Sarah's posts I can have absolutely no distraction from her spellbinding words or pictures. Honestly, I just recommend every single one of her posts.

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A Letter to August: Bonfire Tales
Mythical West Cornwall: Lands End & The Merry Maidens

These are by no means all of my favourite blogs but I think they'll do for today.


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