Sunday 28 August 2016

Golitha Falls.

One day I will learn how to edit photos with a lot of green in them and actually be completely happy with the results, but for today let's just enjoy the light and the motion of the water in these pictures, okay? I'd appreciate it.

Golitha Falls is wild. The water runs fast, the trees grow wherever and however they want, and there aren't really any paths by the water. Mostly you have to clamber around over rocks and trees, which is fine if you're wearing trainers (dad and I were) but, as we discovered, not so great if you're wearing flip-flops (mum didn't anticipate the climbing.) We clambered around for a while, found a nice big rock to sit on by the water, and eventually headed back when we decided it was maybe getting a bit too difficult for three people without walking boots. It was a short trip but a nice one.

There's something about walking under the shade of trees on a warm day, climbing over protruding roots, listening to the water rush, that always makes me want to write. I dream of living by the beach but maybe I should reconsider. There is something undeniably inspiring about woodland. Plus, you tend to see a lot of people walking cute dogs in these places, which is always a plus.

We had a little unexpected detour on our way home from Golitha Falls too, but that's for another post soon...


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