Tuesday 15 December 2015

My 10 favourite Christmas films.

For today's Blogmas post I thought I would share my ten favourite films to watch at Christmas. Most of these will be incredibly obvious and there are a couple that maybe aren't the best films ever made, but these are the movies I most like to watch when I'm feeling festive!

White Christmas

White Christmas is, of course, a classic. It may have been made off of the back of the success of Holiday Inn (which was actually the first film to feature Bing Crosby singing the song White Christmas) but personally I prefer White Christmas. It's a wonderful, sweet story, with plenty of singing and dancing and romance - everything you could want from a classic musical from that era.

Love Actually

Love Actually is definitely one of the obvious ones but I couldn't not include it. Everyone has seen this movie by now I'm pretty sure and I know it's not Richard Curtis's most popular film but personally I've never watched a Richard Curtis film I didn't like and Love Actually is so wonderfully Christmassy. I never get sick of it.

Home Alone

I actually only watched Home Alone for the first time last year but it's already a favourite. I love John Hughes so I have no idea why I never watched it before but I had a couple of friends over last Christmas and they convinced me to finally watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 and, just like everyone else, I loved it. I really don't know what took me so long.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas is a pretty new favourite as well but, once again, I loved it straight away. Of course it is Aardman so I knew it would be great, as all of their films are, but as soon as I watched it for the first time I knew this one was going to be a future classic without a doubt.


Does anyone not love Elf? I actually went to see it at the cinema a few weeks ago with my friend Jess and her family and at the end a little girl started crying behind us and I heard her mum whisper, "It's okay, we've got it on DVD. You can watch it again when we get home!" That's how much everyone loves Elf.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Totally unpopular opinion time but I am not a fan of Jim Carrey. (No, I haven't seen The Truman Show yet. Yes, I have seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.) How The Grinch Stole Christmas is pretty much the only exception. In this, he is excellent. I remember going to see it at the cinema with my godmother when I was small and watching it over and over again on VHS years after that. I watched it again last year and thankfully found that I still love it every bit as much now as I did then. I guess I only like Jim Carrey when he's covered in green fur.

Bridget Jones's Diary

I'm not entirely sure if Bridget Jones's Diary is actually usually considered a Christmas film because the story takes place over a whole year, but I think enough of it takes place over Christmas for it to count, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who would agree with me. Anyway, there are few things in life better than Colin Firth looking grumpy in a reindeer jumper and I've yet to find many other films that provide that image.

The Holiday

I tend to forget about The Holiday and I have no idea why. Surely this has to be one of the most popular Christmas films ever? It's really two sweet Christmas stories in one and they're both festive and lovely. Also: that cottage? My dream house. Just FYI.

A Princess For Christmas

A Princess For Christmas is one of those cheesy Hallmark TV movies and boy is it cheesy. I watched it originally because of Katie McGrath but honestly, it is exactly the kind of fun, cheesy, a-little-bit-rubbishy film that I love to watch. Also I'm obsessed with the knitted dress she's wearing in this picture. Obsessed. I've been searching for something similar for the past two years and nothing.


Nativity! is another one that's just a little bit rubbishy but its heart is in the right place and it's fun and festive and Martin Freeman does a cracking job doing his trademark grumpy-man-with-a-heart-of-gold shtick and it's just all a lot of fun and I love it. I know David Tennant is in one of the sequels and I actually thought I had seen that one too but I just watch the trailer and I don't think I have... so that might be next on my list of films to watch!

What's your favourite Christmas film? I am always looking for good ones so I'd love to hear your recommendations!


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