Wednesday 9 December 2015

GGRP: Don't You Forget About Me.

Well gang, we did it. We finally reached the book that almost made me give up on this entire endeavour. If this book had been earlier in the series I might have actually abandoned ship but we're too close to the end to give up now. I seriously considered it with this one though. I really did. And it was all thanks to Dan's mother.

It's the last few days of summer before everyone finally starts college. Blair and Nate arrive back from their month at sea to discover that Nate is going to have to stay in the city and repeat his senior year at school next year and Blair's mother and Cyrus have decided to move the family to LA once Blair and Aaron are at college. Breakfast at Fred's is being released early so Serena is suddenly even more famous than she was before and now she has to choose between going to Yale or staying in the city and acting more. And Nate has to finally choose once and for all which girl he wants to be with. Dan's estranged mother comes back to town purely to foist as many insufferable stereotypes onto her potentially gay son as she possibly can. Vanessa's sister is getting married and Vanessa starts to question if Dan only ever liked her because of her shaved head.

Familiar scenes
The ending is actually a little reminiscent of the ending to the TV program. I mean, the kids are just going to college so no one is married or anything, but after eleven books of this Blair-Nate-Serena triangle, everyone finally comes to their senses and Nate goes off to do his own thing, leaving the girls to actually be friends again. He's not mayor of New York yet but there are still two more books so who knows what'll happen.

What's different?
Dan's weird mother throwing him a coming out party and inviting everyone from his old school and buying him a pink spandex outfit and a penis pastry to celebrate???

Fanciest fancy party
The farewell party Eleanor throws for Blair at The Met. There are living statues and Serena and Nate put together a slideshow of Blair's life and Blair's dress sounds absolutely amazing.

Most conniving scheme
Blair asks her dad to get Nate into Yale even though he doesn't have his high school diploma and somehow Blair's dad actually manages it.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Stealing Dan's boyfriend from right under his nose at Dan's coming out party.

How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?
That's right, Jenny's back and her summer in Europe seems to have done her the world of good. She's supportive of Dan when he still thinks he might be gay and she is also the one to finally help Dan realise that kissing a boy once when you're drunk does not necessarily mean you're gay. Especially if you're still in love with your ex-girlfriend.

The next book is actually a prequel to the series, which probably means that right when that Blair-Nate-Serena triangle is finally over it's just going to start up again from the very beginning. Join me next time to see how that turns out.

I kind of want to end this with 'you know you love me'. I think these books are finally getting to me.

You know you love me.


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