Wednesday 2 December 2015

GGRP: Would I Lie To You.

Can you believe we're actually into the home stretch now? Only four more books and I will have finally completed this insane project! I wasn't totally sure I would get it done before the end of the year like I originally wanted to but luckily I am also currently trying to come up with ideas for Blogmas, so you lucky lot are going to get a new GGRP post every week this December and this thing should finish right on time! So, let's get on with it.

It's still summer vacation time, but now almost everyone is in The Hamptons. Nate is still working on his coach's roof, or he is until the coach's wife hits on him and he decides its time to bail. Blair and Serena's summer as Bailey Winter's new muses isn't going how they expected so they both run away with Nate too. Serena has a birthday party and Nate finally tells Blair that he loves her. Of course Serena then leaves a letter in Nate's car professing her love for him and then Blair and Nate leave without her the next morning. I think we can all guess who finds that letter.

Vanessa is still working as a nanny and the family have brought her to The Hamptons with them to look after the kids. Dan is still working at the Strand and decides to throw a literary salon with a new coworker, Greg. The salon essentially turns into an orgy, Dan and Greg kiss, and Dan decides this means he's definitely gay now. Because that's how that works.

Familiar scenes
An older woman hitting on Nate.

What's different?
Nate deciding not to sleep with the older woman.

Fanciest fancy party
Definitely Bailey Winter's pool party at his Hamptons house with its almost entirely male guest list and expensive white cushions. Blair and Serena throw drinks over a couple of models and the night ends with Bailey crying about drinks stains on his cushions and asking Vanessa to move in and be his new new muse.

Most conniving scheme
Bailey Winter hires these two models who are almost clones of Blair and Serena to follow them around and copy everything they do. Blair and Serena don't particularly get on with the clones and, knowing that the clones are supposed to copy what they do, they decide to start walking around butt-naked, in the hopes that the clones will copy that too and embarrass themselves. It works.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Not a lot again. There is a scene where he's swimming in Bailey Winter's pool and Sweetie the monkey poops in the pool and Bailey Winter gets even more furious than he was about the cushions. Hopefully there will be more Chuck and less monkey poop in the next book.


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