Wednesday 16 December 2015

GGRP: It Had To Be You.

We've gone back in time today with the Gossip Girl prequel It Had To Be You so try to forget any character development we may have been enjoying (no matter how small) because there is none of that here.

This prequel takes us right back to the events that led to Serena leaving New York for boarding school shortly after her sixteenth birthday. Blair and Serena have both yet to admit their feelings for Nate, Nate has yet to discover pot, Vanessa still has hair, Jenny has yet to grow boobs, and Dan is still completely obsessed with Serena from afar. Don't worry though, all of that is about to change. Except for that last one. Dan will stay obsessed with Serena for some time.

Familiar scenes
Although there are different circumstances, Serena's reason for moving to boarding school is essentially the same as it is in the TV program: she sleeps with Nate and then feels guilty because she knows how much Blair loves him.

What's different?
Someone asks Nate to be their date to a cotillion and he doesn't go.

Fanciest fancy party
Well I'd hardly call it fancy but the pre-cotillion party that Chuck throws at his family's hotel suite is certainly interesting.

Most conniving scheme
Blair is so desperate for Nate not to attend cotillion as L'Wren's date that she ropes Serena into this whole scheme to basically just get him so distracted that he forgets about the cotillion... and it sort of works.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Throwing parties, dating foreign princesses, falling in love with Serena because she kisses him once.

How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?
She uses her dad's credit card to spend hundreds of dollars online on supplements that are supposed to help her boobs grow and once they actually do start growing she takes pictures of herself showing off her new boobs in a tube top and uploads them to this website to show that the supplements totally work.

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