Sunday 11 May 2014

Eurovision Song Contest 2014

I love the Eurovision Song Contest. The glitter, the dancers, the weird songs, France absolutely refusing to speak in English while not giving the UK any points, it's everything I love and more. And this year the UK actually had a pretty good song! We got 40 whole points! That's a lot for us. You can't go into Eurovision blindly thinking your act is the best though, that's no fun, so today, riding off the back of my favourite act winning last night (yay Austria!) I thought I'd give you my five favourite acts from last night's show.

5. Something Better performed by Softengine for Finland

I watched the final with my dad last night and while Softengine were performing he turned to me and said 'some of the songs are a bit too good for Eurovision this year, aren't they?'. I definitely agree. Eurovision is about disco! Glitter! Trapeze artists! But this year a few genuinely good bands seem to have snuck in and I really just genuinely like this song a lot.

4. My Słowianie - We Are Slavic performed by Donatan & Cleo for Poland

Poland went full Eurovision for this act and I love it. I'm not sure any other act matched this for pure camp factor this year and I for one am powerless when it comes to girls stomping around in cute skirts while their mates seductively complete household chores. It's just so Eurovision. Also the song is catchy as heck in my opinion. I'll definitely be singing it next time I'm washing my clothes in a wooden bucket.

3. No Prejudice performed by Pollapönk for Iceland

All week I have been affectionately referring to Pollapönk as 'The Icelandic Wiggles' because I mean, just look at those amazing costumes. I've also had the chorus of this song stuck in my head all week, not that I'm complaining. It's just a fun song with a really great message. It's another act that I think is just perfectly Eurovision and I am a BIG fan.

2. Calm After the Storm performed by The Common Linnets for The Netherlands

This is another song that was 'too good for Eurovision', in fact in my opinion this is THE song that was too good for Eurovision. I'm a country music fan anyway but when I watched their semi-final performance I could tell that The Netherlands were going to give Austria a run for their money with this one. I wanted Austria to win with all of my heart but if The Netherlands had won with this gorgeous song then I wouldn't have been able to argue. I'll be downloading their album asap.

1. Rise Like a Phoenix performed by Conchita Wurst for Austria

Anyone who is following me on Twitter already knows how much I wanted Austria to win last night. I think I actually stopped breathing a little bit when it was announced that they had already won before the last few countries had even given their points. The song is beautiful, Conchita's voice is beautiful, and the message that Europe has sent by choosing her as their winner is even more beautiful. I'm listening to the song again right now and tearing up a little just remembering the speech Conchita gave last night. I can't wait to see her perform Rise Like a Phoenix again at next year's competition in Austria!

Are you a Eurovision fan? If you are then who were your favourite acts? Let me know in the comments!

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