Friday 12 May 2017

My Eurovision 2017 Favourites

Can you believe it's time for my annual Eurovision post already? Honestly, on the whole, I'm a little unimpressed with the songs this year. Usually I struggle to whittle my favourites down but this year it was easy peasy because there are just far too many ballads being allowed! Anyway, ahead of tomorrow's final, here are my five favourite acts from this year's competition.

Time by O. Torvald for Ukraine

First up is the host country itself, Ukraine, with the standard rock song that we have come to expect and love from at least one country every year.

I Feel Alive by IMRI for Israel

Another year, another solid entry from Israel. They just never let me down at Eurovision.

Lights and Shadows by OG3NE for The Netherlands

The Netherlands have gone a little bit country again this year. I loved it when they did it in 2014 and I love it now.

Occidentali's Karma by Francesco Gabbani for Italy

Look, truthfully I have absolutely no idea what is going on here but it's upbeat and I can't resist a dancing gorilla. I just can't.

Yodel It! by Ilinca ft. Alex Florea for Romania

And my number one favourite act this year is easily this offering from Romania. If you're not doing a yodel/rap genre mash up at Eurovision then what exactly are you doing at Eurovision??


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