Thursday 3 July 2014

The Book Blogger Tag.

I have no sense of time so I've forgotten when exactly Saruuh at Syntax Reviews tagged me in the Book Blogger Tag but I'm answering the questions now and that's the important thing, right? (I think it was only a week ago. Maybe two.)

What are your top three book pet hates?

1. Writing that tries too hard to be profound and ends up missing it.
2. Dialogue that just doesn't sound natural.
3. Writing that really obviously tries to tell the reader how they should feel about what's happening.

Describe your perfect reading spot.

Right here. This exact spot in Paris.

Well, you did say 'perfect'.

Tell us three book confessions.

1. I am almost incapable of reading most books that were written before the 1900s. I often just can't get past the old fashioned writing and my eyes sort of glaze over and I'll read pages and pages without anything actually going in.
2. Because of number 1 I finished Jane Eyre (hated it) and then a friend asked me about the part with the fire. I had literally no idea there had even been a fire in the book. I thought that character was just blind in the end because he was old. (In my defence I was 13 at the time and did read it while on holiday in Australia. So there were other things happening.)
3. I once lent a book to a friend and she returned it to me in perfect condition and told me how careful she had been with it because she knew how much I loved my books. About five minutes later I accidentally dropped the book into a swimming pool. It's all wrinkly and crispy now but still readable!

When was the last time you cried during a book?

When I was reading the last few pages of Landline by Rainbow Rowell yesterday.

How many books are on your bedside table?

I don't actually have a bedside table but my desk chair is next to my bed so I tend to just throw things on there before I go to bed and right now there is only one book.

What is your favourite snack whilst you're reading?

I don't usually tend to eat while I'm reading (I do most of my reading in bed before I go to sleep or in the bath) but I guess it would probably be some kind of sweets.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone.

1. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
2. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
3. Maus by Art Spiegelman

Show us a picture of your favourite bookshelf on your bookcase.

(Sorry for the terrible picture quality. My bookcase is right in the corner of my room, as far away from the window as possible.)

Write how much books mean to you in just three words.

That's too difficult!

What is your biggest reading secret?

I don't know. What constitutes a 'reading secret'? My main bookshelf is really deep so all the shelves are stacked twice back but that's not much of a secret, you can kind of tell that in the photo up there. But I guess you can't see what books are in the back. ~Secret books~.

TAG - You're it!

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  1. As an author who thinks she's guilty of all three of your book hates, I sure am glad to have you as my proof reader :| :| :|

    ((I can't believe you have my book under Zombies vs, Unicorns. You just made my entire life. I also spy The Bloody Chamber, my fave book of fairy tales retold EVER.))

    1. We are def. a good team!

      (It's also touching Good Omens on one corner. That is prime bookcase real estate right there.)