Tuesday 17 June 2014

Newquay Part Two - The Beach

After our lovely trip to the zoo my feet were already aching in my new sandals (I know, I know, who wears new sandals to the zoo? This idiot does) and it was just about lunch time so we grabbed some chips and headed down to the beach, where I got to soak my tired feet in the ocean. 

After we were quite finished being completely soaked by unexpectedly large waves we made our way back into the main town and stopped off in a Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlour and I had a really delicious strawberry cheesecake milkshake.

Then we went to Boots so that I could buy blister plasters. Seriously, never wear new sandals to the zoo.

If you'd like to see more of our day (or me making an absolutely charming face) then you can watch this lovely video that Jess made on her youtube channel.

Also, totally unrelated (yeah, right), if you have any tips about how to heal particularly bad sunburn, then I would love to hear them. Really. I am really not just saying that.

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  1. wait ben & jerry's ice cream parlours exist ... outside america?
    are u for real?
    LIE. i don't believe you.

    ((put antiseptic on your burn. Savlon works best for me, along with aloe and aftersun spray))

    1. YES. I had no idea either.

      (Thanks for the tips, friend! I've been taking a bath with a sock full of porridge oats every day and using aftersun lotion with aloe in it like three times a day. It's pretty bad lol)