Friday 1 April 2016

The Get To Know Me Tag.

Beth recently tagged me to do The Get To Know Me Tag and this is so throw-back MySpace style that I am psyched to oblige!

Vital Stats
Name: Anastasia.
Nicknames: Stasia.
Birthday: 4th November.
Star sign: Scorpio.
Occupation: Trying to be a writer. Dad prefers to use the term 'bum'.

Hair colour: Brown, currently with a sort of ginger ombre.
Hair length: So long. Past my hips.
Eye colour: Green.
Best feature: My nose. It's huge and I hated it when I was a teenager but now I think it makes my whole face.
Braces: Nope.
Piercings: Just one in each ear.
Tattoos: Nope.
Right or left: Right.

Best friend: Jess, who you'll have heard plenty about if you've been reading this blog for long! You can see her face in this post and she has a youtube channel (why not throw in a plug?) We've known each other since we were 2.
Award: There might have been other awards before it but we still talk about when I won third place in the egg and spoon race at school. (It was actually a potato and spoon race though because our school didn't trust us with eggs, which is fair enough.) It's the greatest and only sporting achievement I ever managed.
Sport: Swimming. Swimming and badminton are the only sports I have ever been interested in.
Real holiday: Australia when I was ten. We went spent a month in Sydney and Brisbane. It was one heck of a first flight.
Concert: I don't think it's actually the first one I went to but the first one I remember was a sort of day festival thing outdoors.

Film: I'm going to say Strictly Ballroom but this is impossible.
TV show: Gavin & Stacey and Please Like Me are probably the top two but I love The OC and Glee and Merlin and so many others! I really like TV...
Colour: Green.
Song: I just do not have an answer to this. Probably something by David Bowie. Or Dolly Parton.
Restaurant: Restaurant? You overestimate how fancy I am, quiz. There is a pub in Plymouth called 'The Bank'. It's right by the theatre and they do a lot of tasty vegetarian stuff so we go there a lot.
Shop: Waterstones or Lush.
Books: I Capture the Castle, the Harry Potter books, Avalon High.
Shoes: I wear Toms classic shoes to death. Literally. I'm on my fourth pair. They're the most comfortable shoes ever but I have weird feet so I have to buy mens sizes in them and I always wear a hole in them in the exact same place so then I just... buy a new pair... They're so comfortable!

Feeling: Cold. It was spring yesterday. What happened?
Single or taken: Hahahahahaha. Single.
Eating: Nothing.
Thinking about: All those mini eggs in my room...
Watching: The second episode of Shadowhunters. It's not great.
Wearing: Pyjamas. This is probably why dad thinks I'm a bum.

Want children: Not any time soon.
Want to be married: If I ever find someone I want to marry.
Careers in mind: Writer, photographer, duchess in an early twentieth century novel.
Where you want to live: I'd love to live in Paris for a few years but ultimately I'm pretty happy with Cornwall.

Do you believe in...
God: This is way too complex a question for one of these things.
Miracles: I don't know.
Love at first sight: You know that Hozier song 'Someone New'?
Ghosts: I don't know.
Aliens: Not necessarily Star Trek style aliens, but definitely life on other planets.
Soul mates: Kind of? Not just in the romantic way though.
Heaven: These questions are too heavy for eleven on a Friday morning.
Hell: Seriously, I don't know.
Kissing on the first date: If everyone's into it, there's no harm.
Yourself: Sure.

I hope that's told you everything you could ever possibly want to know about me! Now if you don't mind, I have some mini eggs to devour...



  1. Oh my god, all the throwback feels here.. I love it!

    1. I know! Answering these questions felt like 2005 all over again haha

  2. "duchess in an early twentieth century novel"

    Same, same.