Tuesday 29 March 2016

The Quiet Re-readathon wrap up.

Remember last Thursday when I posted my TBR for The Quiet Re-readathon and said that I didn't expect to get to Fangirl? Well I certainly predicted that correctly.

I actually didn't even manage to finish Campari For Breakfast. I know, I know, I had four whole days with nothing to do and I didn't even mange to finish this 300 page book. There's no excuse.

I mean the excuse is actually that my parents and I went out for the day on Friday and then I basically spent the next three days getting caught up with all the TV shows I was behind on. So at least I accomplished that...

Anyway, I may have only managed to read about 200 pages of Campari For Breakfast but I did really enjoy those pages and I'm really glad that this re-readathon finally pushed me to re-read it. If Beth ever chooses to do the re-readathon again I will definitely be on board!

Did you take part in The Quiet Re-readathon? Did you do as badly as I did? Please say yes and make me feel better!


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