Monday 19 October 2015

GGRP: Only In Your Dreams.

Gossip Girl Review Project

Gossip Girl Only In Your Dreams Cover

School is officially out until all of our main characters start college in the fall. Dan is working at The Strand Bookstore, where he meets a girl who immediately makes him forget that two weeks ago he declared his undying love for Vanessa at his own graduation ceremony. Serena is, of course, in front of the camera in Ken Mogul's new film Breakfast at Fred's and Vanessa is behind it, but both have a little more trouble with their roles than expected. Nate is fixing up his lacrosse coach's house in the Hamptons as punishment for stealing viagra in the last book. Blair is in London, spending far too much money and getting more and more agitated that Lord Marcus is spending more time with his cousin than with Blair, until she totally snaps, buys a wedding dress, and goes back to New York without telling him. Where her mother makes her get a job helping with the costumes on Breakfast at Fred's to pay her back for all that London shopping.

Familiar scenes
Blair spending far too much money on clothes.

What's different?
Nate doing manual labour.

Fanciest fancy party
The Breakfast at Fred's wrap party, held at the house Holly Golightly lived in in Breakfast at Tiffany's and where Serena and Blair have been living while they shot the film. Dan and his new girl break up on the roof, Chuck meets and then immediately steals away Nate's new girl and Nate doesn't really care because he has realised (AGAIN) that he is still in love with Blair, who already kind of has a new boy. Vanessa is accompanied by two small children.

Most conniving scheme
Not so much a scheme but when Blair's mother tells her that she needs to get a real job, of course Blair's mind immediately jumps to working for the famous designer who is doing all of the costumes for Breakfast at Fred's, and of course that works out, and of course she ends up with a little assistant/minion in the guise of her brother's new girlfriend who idolises Blair. Of course.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Appearing out of nowhere exactly when needed, like some kind of entertainment fairy unloading all the necessary gossip, flirting with everyone, and then disappearing into the nearest bedroom with Nate's new girlfriend.

How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?
Jenny is in Prague visiting her mother and apparently staying out of trouble in art classes until she starts at her new boarding school, but since we no longer have Jenny-centric chapters I think now is the time to retire this section of the reviews. Farewell, Jenny Humphrey. Please stay out of trouble in your new school. (I know you won't.)

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