Sunday 11 October 2015

GGRP: Nothing Can Keep Us Together.

It's that time again...

It's finally graduation time! After being caught making out in a bathtub in the last book, Nate and Serena are together, though neither of them are really into it. Aaron and Vanessa are seemingly getting on wonderfully, that is until Vanessa starts having sex with Dan on the rooftop of her building. Blair moves out of Vanessa's place and into The Yale Club, where she meets The Lord. Dan decides not to go to college as a sign of his devotion to Vanessa. Nate can't stop crying all the time. Serena and Blair both audition for a new remake of Breakfast At Tiffany's called Breakfast at Fred's. Jenny finally finds her perfect boarding school.

Familiar scenes
No familiar scenes but The Lord has made an appearance, which is pretty fun.

What's different?
I mean... everything? But also Serena is so into the idea of being an actress, which is nice but I don't think it ever crossed show Serena's mind.

Fanciest fancy party
Blair throws a graduation party at The Yale Club, to which Chuck brings a random group of private school boys he found on the street somewhere in New York and Serena and Blair kiss in front of everyone. Gossip Girl then informs us that The Yale Club has now banned members from inviting non-members to parties hosted there. Well done, Blair.

Most conniving scheme
Jenny is still in full swing about this boarding school thing. She drags Rufus around to look at a list of different boarding schools, each time convincing him to let her look around the school alone so that she can find her perfect party school.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Not nearly enough.

How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?
Jenny actually seems to finally be growing up a little bit. She decides not to attend the most out of control party school, instead choosing a school with a promising art department, and she decides not to have sex with Nate while he's high. These are probably the most sensible decisions Jenny has ever made.

There are five more books left in this series and honestly, all I ask of them is that people stop dating Nate and Chuck gets to exist more. That's it. That's all I want. My hopes are not high.

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  1. *takes up chanting* MORE CHUCK BASS!! MORE CHUCK BASS!!