Saturday 26 September 2015

GGRP: Nobody Does It Better.

Welcome, welcome, to the seventh post in the Gossip Girl Review Project. I can't believe it. We're officially half way through this thing now. Only six more to go and I will have completed this ridiculous task. So, let's get on with the review of the seventh book in the series, Nobody Does It Better

There are only a few weeks left of high school and it's time for the seniors to decide what college they'll be attending next year. Nate and Serena are both seriously contemplating Yale but neither of them want to upset Blair, who still isn't sure if she's in or not. Dan is, of course, not thinking much about college because he's in this cool band now. Not that that lasts very long. Vanessa is looking for a new roommate and somehow ends up with Blair, who decides, in a stroke of genius, to set Vanessa up with Aaron. Jenny has decided she wants to go to boarding school and instead of just asking her father like a normal child, she decides that getting in as much trouble as possible is the way to go. Nate steals his parents' boat.

Familiar scenes
As per usual, there's nothing exactly the same, but Jenny's shenanigans while trying to get sent to boarding school certainly recall a little of the Jenny I know from the show. Especially the part where she keeps lying to her father about where she is so that she can spend all of her time in hotel rooms with rock stars who think she is actually Dan's older sister. That feels very show-Jenny.

What's different?
Nate. Steals. A boat.

Fanciest fancy party
The girls only Senior Spa Weekend at the Coateses' estate. Not necessarily the fanciest party, per say, but certainly the most drama filled. Jenny, Elise, Dan, Nate, Chuck, and Aaron all sneak in. Blair finds out that she did get into Yale after all, only to immediately walk in on Serena and Nate making out in a bathtub. She then throws a classic Blair tantrum, which ends in her diving into the pool in front of everyone, wearing nothing but Mrs. Coates's white, jewelled hair turban. 

Most conniving scheme
This time the prize goes to Jenny, who, in her quest to get sent to boarding school so she can be more like Serena, convinces Dan's entire band that she is older than him, spends a lot of nights with those band members while Rufus thinks she is with Elise, and flirts the band into giving her Dan's spot as lead singer.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Trying to convince some of the girls to enrol in military school next year so that he won't be alone. This:
Chuck Bass was wearing a black Prada jumpsuit, unzipped so his tanned, recently waxed chest was clearly visible, and creamy white leather Camper sandals that showed off his smooth, manicured feet. On the floor beneath his desk, Chuck's pet snow monkey, Sweetie, poked his fuzzy white head out of Chuck's orange-and-red leather Dooney & Bourke tote bag and bared his teeth.
That is Chuck in English class. I love him.

How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?
Why doesn't she just tell her dad she wants to go to boarding school???

Of course, Jenny will eventually get her wish and go to boarding school. I know this because there is a series of spin-off books that follow her there. So the question now is, for how much longer will 'How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?' be a category on these reviews? And will Chuck be promoted to being part of the main cast after she is gone? Probably not but I can dream.

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