Saturday 12 September 2015

GGRP: You're the One That I Want.

I figured out the other day that if I read and review one GG book every other week I can totally still hit my original goal of completing the Gossip Girl Review Project by the end of the year. So buckle up, kids, it's about to get real Gossip Girl heavy on this blog.

It's college acceptance letters time. Serena and Nate are in everywhere, including Yale, but Blair, who has literally decided to name her baby sister 'Yale' (and her mother and stepfather are going along with this for no reason I can understand) only got into Georgetown and was waitlisted at Yale. Obviously she takes this out on Nate and Serena because that's what Blair does. Dan moves in with Vanessa and a weird girl with a ferret just decides to move in too. Serena visits a bunch of colleges and falls in love with a different boy at every one of them. Jenny decides she wants to become a model. Nate completely flips out. Chuck is relegated to the background again. Blair's baby sister is born!

Familiar scenes
Blair freaking out about Serena getting into Yale when she was only waitlisted. Serena managing to fall in love with a number of boys in a matter of hours. I mean, that exact thing doesn't happen with TV-show-Serena, but it might as well have.

What's different?
Nate decides that the only way to solve his problem of just getting into too many excellent colleges is to be a supreme jerk to the college reps who have been sent to woo him into choosing their schools. Some random band convinces Dan that his poems are actually songs so, drunk on half a bottle of vodka, Dan spontaneously agrees to be their new frontman.

Fanciest fancy party
It is decidedly not a fancy party but Vanessa throws a party at her loft for her birthday and it gets pretty out of control. It is at this party that a drunken Dan rips his shirt off and starts screaming his poems along with the band.

Most conniving scheme
This was going to go to Blair volunteering to join the army if they get her into Yale but Blair was beaten at the last minute by the weird girl with the pet ferret who claims that Vanessa's sister said she could stay in her apartment but it turns out she was actually a previous occupant and this is a little con she regularly plays.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Poor Chuck. He may have his own apartment and Sweetie the monkey for company but he didn't get into any colleges and now his father has decided the only thing to do is to send him to military school. I'm just not sure that's going to work out.

How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?
Okay so Elise, Jenny's only friend, accuses her of just trying to be Serena all the time and Jenny decides to disprove this by... asking Serena to use her modelling connections to get Jenny her own modelling job. When that job turns out to be a little embarrassing Serena helps Jenny pick herself back up again, which is nice. Honestly Jenny just needs to calm down.

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  1. Dan sounds like a riot in this one.

    1. Well he was certainly more entertaining in this one than he was in the one where he wrote a poem called 'Sluts' about Vanessa and Jenny. I'll give him that.