Tuesday 30 June 2015

GGRP: Because I'm Worth It.

I know Read Women Month has been a little underwhelming on my blog this year but I hope those of you taking part have had fun at least! As one final little parting gift to Read Women Month 2015 I've got a new Gossip Girl Review Project for you. What a lucky bunch you are.

Serena becomes a model and Aaron runs away scared. Nate goes to rehab and Georgina Spark is finally introduced! Blaire kind of accidentally has an affair with a married man. Jenny thinks her one and only friend might have a crush on her (a fair assumption since they did kiss.) Chuck is maybe gay or bisexual? Dan and Vanessa continue to just be unbearable. Standard stuff.

Familiar scenes
Absolutely nothing. Georgina Spark is here now though! And although the scheming is still sadly lacking, she is every bit as much of a wildcard as she is in the TV show.

What's different?
Nate goes to rehab. This is very good news as you may remember that I mentioned in the last GGRP that Nate just spent the entire of the last book high. I practically punched the air at the arrival of some common sense in the situation.

Fanciest fancy party
There aren't really any fancy fancy parties in this book but it is fashion week, so there are plenty of fashion shows and after parties. The after party where Serena sells off her 'I love Aaron t-shirt' sounds like the most fun. Mostly because Serena is there. honestly, I can't believe how much I like Serena in these books.

Most conniving scheme
Blaire decides to go to rehab as part of a plan to reinvent herself and get Nate to fall in love with her again. It doesn't quite work out.

What is Chuck Bass up to?
Appearing in gay clubs, wearing pink shirts, being seen partying with men, other vaguely ambiguous stereotypical gay things. When is Chuck Bass going to have an actual story line? Ever? Or does he only exist as a series of ever changing stereotypes in the background while I have to actually read about terrible Dan and boring Nate?

How off the rails is Jenny Humphrey?
Firmly on the rails but definitely having a tricky time. She finally has a female friend her own age but she has already started to suspect that her friend might be in it for something more even before said friend insists that Jenny paint her naked and then suggests that they kiss. Making things a bit awkward for Jenny who actually might have met a new guy. Thanks to Blaire of all people.

Join me next time to see if Chuck Bass will ever actually do anything.

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  1. NO fancy parties? *snob voice* What are these books even good for? There's just no content, no substance.

    1. Well exactly. Fancy parties and Chuck Bass are all I am here for and I am being severely disappointed.