Sunday 17 August 2014


(Picture totally stolen from Saruuh's Twitter account but I'm sure she won't mind)

So this post is a little different today. I want to tell you about my friend Saruuh. Saruuh writes two blogs (and updates them far more often than I update this one) and has still found the time to write and self publish multiple novels over the past two years! As someone who genuinely struggles to get literally anything done I find this absolutely amazing and honestly I am just totally in awe of her.

I've mentioned Saruuh's previous books The Forgotten and The Beast of Callaire a few times before on this blog. They're both genuinely great YA novels (and I promise I'm not only saying that because the author sometimes sends me cute presents) and what's even more amazing is that The Forgotten is available totally for free from all major ebook retailers and you can also sign up at her tumblr to receive a free paperback version! 

Saruuh's new book The Wandering, the sequel to The Forgotten, will be out in September and that too will be available as an ebook and paperback totally for free. To fund the printing and shipping costs of the paperback copies Saruuh is currently running a funding campaign until the end of August and I just wanted to help her spread the word about it (she doesn't even know I'm posting this. Oops.)

Saruuh has chosen to give this series of novels away for free because she believes that stories should always be available to people who might not always be able to afford to buy books and I think that's an amazing thing for her to do. It's also her birthday this week and I think it would be absolutely amazing if she could reach her donation target before then. So if you can afford to donate even $1 then please do, or if you can't then please just help spread the word! Either way check out her blog post about it here for more details about the campaign and about all of the different goodies that she is giving away to people who donate!

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