Tuesday 20 December 2016

Gingerbread house mark II.

We did it! Last weekend, the same day that we went to Eden's Festival of Light and Sound, Jess and I finally made a successful gingerbread house. Look at it. It's a beautiful little gingerbread chalet with only one tree outside because my mum ate the other one and thought we wouldn't notice.

Some of you may remember when Jess and I tried to make a gingerbread house last year...

But let's not dwell on that! This year's house is beautiful and covered in jellybean roof tiles and able to stand up all on its own!! Well it was... it's all been eaten now... let's look at some more pictures of it!

My tips for a successful gingerbread house are as follows:
  1. Just buy a kit. I actually wanted to get one of those kits where the gingerbread is already made and you just assemble and decorate but we ended up using a box mix instead. It was still 1000x easier than making it from scratch.
  2. Think small. Last year's house was ridiculously large. Those gingerbread house cookie cutters are out of here.
  3. In Jess's words: 'if in doubt, cover it in sprinkles.'
Also, of course, we had some gingerbread dough left over so I got out the cookie cutters and Jess made some shapes, just like last year. No Donald Trump gingerbread man this year, thank God, but she did try to freehand a snowflake that ended up looking a little too much like a spider for my liking...

(I decorated the snowman in the first picture but the rest of these are all Jess. I'm particularly fond of the tree and it tasted just as good as it looks!)

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